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What is trademark? 
  What does trademark registration mean?   3 ways to trademark protection 
Trade mark (TM) or Service mark (SM) is an Industrial Property Right, which means any kind of distinctive sign or mark (or combination of signs) in eyes of its buyer that holds a specific value.   Trademark registration means to start and to go through a proceedure before appropriate national or regional Intellectual Property Office.   Trademark registration procedure is the same across all countries, although it is important to know that the deadlines, costs and other specifics are set forth by national legislation of each country (or region) where we are aiming to protect our trademark
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Where can I register trademark?
  8 reasons for trademark protection   Do I need an attorney for trademark registrtation?
There are multiple ways to get your Trademark registered. It normally depends on your choice where do you wish to have your Trademark protected (which country or region).   Attracts and retains loyal customers - Registered Trademarks enjoy bigger and better reputation by their customers, partners and suppliers.   It depends. If you file your own application and there are no oppositions or other complications, no representation is required. However foreigners are obliged to appoint a local representative.
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