The registration process begins with the formal submission of an application. The Office checks whether the application meets absolute grounds, then it publishes the trademark application. The publication is followed by a period of several months, during which third parties can file an objection against the registration of the mark. If no objection is filed, the applicant is asked to pay the registration fee (in some countries) and registration certificate of the mark is issued.

The trademark registration fees depend on three key questions.The fees change according anwsers to:

  1. Is it an individual mark or collective mark?
  2. What is the number of NICE classification classes in which we seek protection for our mark?
  3. In which countries we are looking trademark protection for?


All of the above. And more. In some countries, it is also possible to protect smell, taste, sound mark, multimedia mark and 3D marks. Word and figurative marks (logos with or without words) are most often protected. During an individual consultation with our representative, we can provide you with information about what and how is most worthwhile to protect.

NO. If you have received such a document, you have most likely (already) settled your fees or was paid by your agent/attorney. In any case, remember that the competent offices DO NOT ISSUE INVOICES for the said fees. Most likely, you received the offer due to the publication of your trademark in the Official website/newsletter which includes information about the owner. You can read more about these missleading invoices here: MISLEADING INVOICES AND HOW TO RECOGNIZE THEM.

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