3 reasons why NICE Classification is so important

NICE Classification is used for describing and listing products and services to specific Classes that are avaible for applicants to use with its Trademark application.

It is a classification assistance tool that Intellectual Property Officers and Trademark owners use to properly appoint different types of Products/Services related to Trademark. The NICE classification is being harmonised across the world continuously and it is constantly under the revision by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

There are 45 NICE classes, 34 of them are used for description of products and 11 for description of services.

Every country (or region) has their own set of rules established in regards to fees that need to be paid as part of an Trademark Application.

Choosing a correct set of classes for your products and/or services is one of the crucial aspects of protection for your Trademark in the future. Apply for too narrow set of products/services and you risk of missing out protection on specific product/service. Apply your Trademark with wide selection of Classes which can ultimately result in your already registered Trademark being Invalidated/Cancelled.


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